The row is different: photo and description

There are several types of conditionally edible rows that can be eaten only after long boiling. One of these types is a different row, or, as it is also called, a separate row.

Rowing mushrooms are very similar to each other, so it can be difficult for "amateurs" to distinguish edible from poisonous. Experienced mushroom pickers advise beginners to determine the rows by color. For example, see these fruiting bodies on a sunny day. If the caps have no shade, but are smooth and white, it is better not to pick such mushrooms - they are poisonous. But all edible rows have different colors: pink, gray, brown, purple, lilac. In addition, inedible rows have a pronounced unpleasant odor.

The different rowing shown in the photo is similar to greenery, gray rowing and spruce rowing. However, this is a completely different type of conditionally edible ryadovka, which is quite rare on the territory of Russia. Some, due to the bitter taste and not too pleasant smell, attribute it to inedible species. Others claim that this fruit body is amazingly tasty when salted.

Description of the mushroom ryadovka different

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the description of a row that is different or isolated.

Latin name:Tricholoma sejunctum.

Family: Ordinary.

Genus: lamellar ground mushrooms.

Synonyms: the row is separate, the row is separate.

Hat: dense, fleshy, smooth, up to 10 cm in diameter. At a young age, domed, with a tubercle in the middle. In adulthood, it becomes open and fully open. The color ranges from yellow-green to dark olive or gray-brown with a darker central part.

Leg: up to 2 cm thick, up to 10 cm high, cylindrical, sometimes curved. Dense, slightly thickened at the base, covered with small scales. Young mushrooms have a greenish-white stalk with a dirty gray underside.

Pulp: dense, white, under the skin and in the leg with a yellowish tinge. It smells like fresh flour, and tastes bitter.

Plates: wide, sparse, sinuous, white or slightly gray in color.

Edibility: a little-known conditionally edible mushroom, has an average taste. Usually consumed in salty form.

Similarities: the mushroom is very similar to green tea and gray ryadovka.

Spreading: grows in deciduous and mixed forests, less commonly found in coniferous forests. Prefers the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, especially North America.