How to peel butter from the skin: quick ways with video and photos

Butter mushrooms are excellent edible mushrooms that are not inferior in taste to boletus. The fruit bodies got their name for the presence of sticky and oily skin on the caps. Forest debris is collected on its surface: needles, sand, leaves, fragments of twigs. All this creates problems when processing mushrooms at home.

How to quickly clear the caps of mushrooms oil from the film (with video)

How to quickly clear the oil from the film in order to speed up the processing of a large amount of mushrooms? This is a question that often worries lovers of "quiet hunting", who preferred the collection of these particular mushrooms.

It is worth saying that when harvesting, you can start cleaning it right in the forest. How to quickly peel boletus mushrooms in nature right away? On a sunny and warm day, when the boletus are dry, it is much more convenient to do this, and then you do not have to carry all the forest debris home. It's more pleasant to work in the fresh air than at home, and it's not boring either. The film is very easy to remove, so cleaning will not take long. Always take a piece of cloth soaked in vegetable oil with you. The oily matter will help to quickly remove the film from the mushrooms. And in order not to get your hands dirty while collecting and cleaning oils, it is better to work with rubber gloves.

But if the weather is rainy, then you have to carry the "mushroom catch" home. Oil hats become so slippery that it is impossible to hold them in your hands. Arriving home, you need to dry the boletus in the sun or under a canopy.

Small butterflies are much easier to clean than their large counterparts, because they have a dense film. In large specimens, the skin is thin and can tear easily. It is more difficult to pick it up with a knife, so you need to cut the cap, then break it, pull the half of the mushroom and remove the skin, and then do the same procedure with the other half of the cap.

If the boletus is brought home still unrefined, then here, too, the processing process can be accelerated and facilitated.

Mushrooms should be put in a colander and held over steam for 20-30 seconds, or pour boiling water over the caps. Such a simple procedure will make it possible to remove the oily film from the mushroom without problems and a lot of time.

Butterlets are very tasty and aromatic in many dishes. Before anything can be prepared from these fruiting bodies, they should be well processed. Butter can is a popular mushroom, but not as simple as it seems. Therefore, every culinary specialist must know how to quickly clear butter from the skin.

Fans of mushroom dishes are very fond of pickled butter, which look so good on the New Year's table. So that they do not taste bitter, have a good aesthetic appearance and delight guests with their taste, you need to remove the skin from them. We offer you to watch a video on how to quickly clear oil from the film:

A quick way to clean oil is a guarantee that there will be no debris in the prepared dish and no one will hear the crunch of sand on the teeth. Small debris with remnants of grass, leaves and twigs is firmly glued to the sticky skin of butter. Preliminary cleaning of the mushrooms will guarantee the purity of future workpieces.

How else to quickly clean the cap of the butter without wasting a lot of time? Cleansing butter oil is a tedious process, especially for one person. To speed up the processing of a large mushroom crop, you will need the help of your family. Working together, the process will advance at an accelerated pace.

Now you know how to quickly remove the film from butter mushrooms. Peeled mushrooms look beautiful and appetizing in a dish. They give the snack an unforgettable piquant taste and aroma of the forest.