Honey mushrooms in Ulyanovsk: where to pick mushrooms in the Ulyanovsk region

A special gift of nature is forest mushrooms, which are valued for their taste and vitamins. And how many dishes can you make from mushrooms! But in order to enjoy the mushroom harvest and its taste, you need to know where to pick mushrooms in Ulyanovsk.

Where to find mushrooms in Ulyanovsk: where to go for mushrooms

Let's say frankly that there are a lot of woodlands where to find honey mushrooms in Ulyanovsk. The whole region is a treasure trove of mushrooms and berries, you just need to know the good places. The variety of species of fruit bodies in this territory is unimaginably large. The main thing is not to be lazy and find out the fruitful routes showing where honey mushrooms are harvested in the Ulyanovsk region.

Honey mushrooms usually prefer deciduous forests, mixed and, less often, conifers. Choose places of growth in clearings, rotten stumps or fallen trees. Sometimes honey agarics can be found on a healthy tree or near shrubs. Every mushroom picker should know the "habits" of mushrooms and their habitats in order to easily determine where to find the harvest.

The honey agaric harvesting season in the Ulyanovsk region starts from the end of July to October. These mushrooms are widespread in the forests of this region, and autumn honeydew is considered the most popular. However, there are winter mushrooms that can be harvested until March. If you are lucky enough to find a fruitful stump, then your walk will end - you collect a full basket, or maybe more than one.

We would like to tell the lovers of "quiet hunting" where they can go for honey agarics in Ulyanovsk. The most wooded and mushrooming region in the Ulyanovsk region is considered by many to be the Inzensky region. It is full of all kinds of mushrooms: saffron milk caps, milk mushrooms, butter mushrooms, chanterelles, aspen mushrooms, brown mushrooms and honey agarics. The Pazukhinsky forest area is located south of Inza and is also full of all kinds of mushrooms, you just need to know what time to collect each of them. You can pick up a lot of honey mushrooms near Ulyanovsk in the Karsunsky district.

Where else do honey mushrooms grow in Ulyanovsk?

Many novice mushroom pickers ask where else mushrooms grow in Ulyanovsk? Note that the Tagai forests are full of honey agarics and not only. Different mushrooms can be picked here in different months. In addition, Vinnovka, Skuhareevka and Yasashnaya Tashla are full of fruiting bodies. However, everything will depend on the weather, how rainy the summer was.

All mushroom places are located at some distance from Ulyanovsk - sometimes 50-60 km, for example, Tagay, Undory, and sometimes more. For example, the districts Melekessky, Staromainsky and Baryshsky are located at a distance of 100 to 150 kilometers from the regional center. But these areas are considered some of the most mushrooming in the region.

Mixed forest areas of the Staromainsky district near the villages of Pribrezhnoye and Kremenskie Vyselki are full of honey agarics, aspen and brown cap boletus.

For novice mushroom pickers, we will tell you where mushrooms still grow in the Ulyanovsk region. For every lover of "quiet hunting" the most cherished are the Undorovsky forests. This area is considered humid even in hot weather. There are a lot of honey agarics in old forest clearings. In the forests near the village of Ivanovka, Lomy and Ponikiy Klyuch, mushroom pickers always harvest a variety of types of these fruit bodies.

It is worth noting such villages as Komarovka, Zagoskino, Aksakovo, Abramovka and Sosnovka, which are located in the Main District. In the forests in this area, you can also pick up various mushrooms, including honey agarics.

Mushroom places in the Ulyanovsk region, where honey mushrooms are collected

You can visit the Kuzovatovsky district and such villages as Koromyslovka, Speshnevka and Stogovka. The forest near Lake Zotovo is filled with mushrooms and berries. Near the village of Kuzovatovo on "Lysaya Gora" there are many honey mushrooms and boletus in the woodlands.However, in order to gather the forest harvest, you need to go out into the forest at dawn, while there are few mushroom pickers.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of honey agarics in the Ulyanovsk region. For example, in the Sengileevsky district near the settlements of Yekaterinovka, Shilovka, Elaur, Karanino, Lipki, you can collect a variety of mushrooms, including honey agarics. And be sure not to miss Tushna in the area - this mushroom place is highly praised for its abundance of fruiting bodies.

It is always worth remembering that you need to pick mushrooms only those in which you are sure. It is also necessary to refrain from mushrooms growing in city squares, courtyards, along railways or highways. These mushrooms accumulate substances harmful to humans and no matter how you boil them, they can be poisoned.