Turkey fillet with mushrooms in the oven and slow cooker: photos, recipes in various sauces

The meat of this bird can be cooked with vegetables, served with all kinds of side dishes, stewed, fried, baked and seasoned with a variety of sauces - curry, creamy, garlic. It all depends on the preferences of the chef, who is going to create a real culinary masterpiece at home. By the way, it is such a delicacy as turkey with mushrooms that most often becomes an integral part of the festive table. Naturally, this is quite simple to explain: firstly, tender poultry meat is much healthier than pork and chicken, and, secondly, in combination with mushrooms, its taste can amaze even the most fastidious eaters. That is why, if the hostess cares about the health of her family and wants to please her spouse and children, she prepares such dishes.

It should be noted that in most cases, culinary masters use sirloin parts or breasts. The fact is that many recipes for cooking turkey with mushrooms involve a stewing process, which, in turn, should not take much time, and this is quite likely if the selected piece of meat turns out to be tough enough.

Turkey fillet with mushrooms, stewed in a creamy sauce with garlic

It is worth noting that there are fairly simple tips on how to serve such dishes deliciously and exquisitely.

For example, you should try using the standard set of products:

  • 700-800 g turkey fillet.
  • 400 g of mushrooms.
  • 200 ml heavy cream (20%).
  • Sunflower oil - for frying.
  • 1 tbsp. boiled water.
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic.
  • 1 onion.
  • Spices to taste - salt, pepper.

With all of this on hand, you can easily cook a stewed turkey in a creamy mushroom sauce.

To do this, rinse the sirloin thoroughly, dry it with paper towels and cut it into medium-sized cubes.

After that, chop the onion into rings, and carefully divide the mushrooms - that is, each of them - into 4 pieces.

Then fry the mushrooms and onion in a skillet in oil, and next to it, in another container, cook the fried meat so that it acquires a golden crust.

At the next stage, be sure to chop the garlic, and add onions and mushrooms to the already fried fillet pieces.

Now, to make a juicy turkey with mushrooms, stewed in a creamy sauce, pour the dish with cream, a glass of plain boiled water, add garlic on top, and then mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

By the way, do not forget to season the delicacy with your favorite spices.

On a note: the cooking time for this culinary masterpiece is no more than 25 minutes. In addition, make sure that the meat is always stewed under the lid. A suitable side dish in this case would be rice or boiled potatoes.

Turkey breast with champignons in sour cream: a recipe

It is not only cream that can be used to add a special savory flavor to such dishes.

Turkey with mushrooms is also excellent in sour cream, if all the ingredients are chosen correctly:

  • 350 g of mushrooms.
  • 500 g breast.
  • 40 ml sour cream (15% is best).
  • 1 onion.
  • 50 ml orange juice.
  • 10 ml orange peel.
  • 5 g dried rosemary.
  • Salt to your liking.
  • Sunflower oil - for frying ingredients.

Such an unusual "bouquet" will allow you to prepare a fairly simple, but at the same time hearty dish.

  1. First of all, divide the meat into pieces, and cut the mushrooms into slices, which should then be darkened in a skillet over low heat.
  2. Cook the onion in a skillet - it should have a golden hue.
  3. In parallel with this, fry the turkey breast to combine it with mushrooms and onions.
  4. After mixing all the ingredients, salt the future dish, season with rosemary and fill with a mixture of orange zest and juice.
  5. After 5-7 minutes, feel free to add sour cream to the delicacy, simmer it for another 10 minutes.

And then remove the dish from the stove and serve it on the table for a meal with household members or guests.

Turkey fillet with mushrooms in white wine sauce

An interesting fact is that white poultry meat served under a creamy sauce has earned an unusual name in France - fricassee. Perhaps it sounds really florid, but turkey fillet combined with mushrooms, cooked in a creamy sauce, has earned special attention and love not only from Europeans.

That is why, in order for this culinary experiment to succeed and turn out to be no worse than that of the French, skilled housewives choose the following ingredients:

  • 600 g of poultry meat.
  • 350 g of mushrooms.
  • 150 ml of white wine (preferably dry).
  • 30 g butter.
  • 150 ml of broth.
  • 150 ml of water.
  • 2 egg yolks.
  • Half a lemon.
  • 1 onion.
  • 3 cloves of garlic.
  • Olive oil - for frying.
  • Parsley, salt, pepper - to taste.

The cooking process is simple, it involves the following step-by-step procedures:

  1. First, cut the meat into small cubes and brown them in a skillet in butter.
  2. Then immediately fry the chopped onion and one garlic clove in olive oil for 5 minutes.
  3. In order for this recipe for turkey fillet in combination with mushrooms to be observed, pour white wine into a frying pan with meat and onions and simmer it all for half an hour.
  4. At the same time, peel the mushrooms, chop them into plates and, after 30 minutes, add this product to the other ingredients in the pan.
  5. Gently mix the resulting mix, top with finely chopped parsley and another clove of garlic.
  6. After pouring all this with broth, do not forget to salt and pepper the dish, and then continue to simmer it for at least 25 minutes.

Please note that the recipe for fricassee made from turkey fillets with mushrooms will not be complete without making the sauce.

To do this, mix the yolks, water and lemon juice, while not forgetting to season the consistency with spices. Now that the stewing process has come to an end, pour the egg sauce over the dish, mix thoroughly and rather treat the resulting masterpiece to your guests.

A simple recipe for turkey fillet in sour cream sauce

Another option for how to make such a dish simply “lick your fingers” is to add a vegetable such as carrots to it.

In addition to her, the hostess will need a few more equally important ingredients for cooking turkey fillet stewed in sour cream with champignons:

  • 300 g of meat.
  • 100 g of boiled mushrooms.
  • 200 ml sour cream.
  • 1 small carrot.
  • 1 onion.
  • 20 g butter.
  • 20 ml of vegetable oil.
  • Spices to taste.

The recipe is simple enough:

  1. Fry the onion rings until translucent in butter and vegetable oils.
  2. Cut the carrots into strips.
  3. Chop the fillet into medium-sized cubes, then brown these ingredients until moisture comes out of them.
  4. At the next stage, in a separate container - a saucepan - mix pieces of onion, carrots, chopped boiled mushrooms, meat, add sour cream and spices.
  5. Roast turkey with mushrooms, stewed in sour cream sauce, cover and leave on medium heat for 20 minutes.

According to most experienced housewives, it is best to serve this delicacy with rice.

Turkey fillet in cream with toasted mushrooms

You can take note of the fact that turkey dishes can be not only dietary and tender, but also slightly spicy and sweet. You can add such a taste to your dish due to a special seasoning - curry.

In addition to her, you will need to use products such as:

  • 400 g of poultry meat.
  • 250-300 g of mushrooms.
  • 250 ml of cream (22% is suitable).
  • 1 onion.
  • 10 g curry.
  • Spices - salt, pepper - according to your own taste.
  • A small bunch of dill.
  • Vegetable oil - for frying.

This recipe for making turkey fillet in cream with toasted mushrooms involves several steps.

  1. First, wash and cut the meat into chunks. Only then send them to a skillet and fry over high heat in oil for 5 minutes.
  2. When the pieces are less pinkish, season them with spices. By the way, some housewives also add lemon juice to the dish, which makes the taste of the delicacy softer.
  3. At the same time, do not forget to chop the onion and then add it to the pan to the other ingredients.
  4. The procedure for preparing turkey with champignons and spices in cream also provides for the obligatory cutting of mushrooms, frying them together with onions, after which they are mixed with poultry meat.
  5. As a final step, season your culinary masterpiece with curry, pour in the cream and simmer for 5 minutes.

Sprinkle finely chopped dill on top to decorate the dish.

Turkey fillet in sour cream with mushrooms, cooked in a slow cooker

To speed up the process of creating certain foods, mankind has come up with many devices. One of them is a slow cooker, in which the turkey with mushrooms is cooked very quickly and, moreover, it turns out to be very tasty.

In order to start the execution procedure, you will need the following products:

  • 900-1000 g of white meat.
  • 400 g of mushrooms.
  • 150 ml sour cream (15%).
  • 2 small onions.
  • 3 cloves of garlic.
  • 20 g of basil.
  • Spices - salt and pepper - according to your own taste.

Cooking technology includes several stages.:

  1. First, cut the mushrooms and fillets into medium slices.
  2. Second, chop the garlic (2 prongs) and the onions.
  3. Then mix the ingredients and add them to a slow cooker, in which the turkey fillet with mushrooms will be cooked on the "Stew" mode for 60 minutes.
  4. Before starting the process, do not forget to pour sour cream over the delicacy and season with spices.

Sprinkle garlic chunks on top of the dish after one hour.

Turkey with grated cheese and mushrooms in sour cream

Another option for preparing such dishes is the one in which grated hard cheese (no more than 100 g), lemon juice (20 ml) and shallots (2 pieces) are used.

In addition to the listed ingredients, to create a dish you will need:

  • 350-400 g fillet.
  • 200 g of small mushrooms.
  • 2 cloves of garlic.
  • 250 ml sour cream (15%).
  • 50 ml of olive oil.
  • Spices - thyme, salt, pepper - according to your own taste.

In a slow cooker, a turkey is prepared with grated cheese and mushrooms in sour cream as follows:

  1. First, chop the meat into small slices and be sure to pour it over with lemon juice.
  2. Secondly, cut the mushrooms in half, the onions into rings, and chop the garlic thoroughly.
  3. After that, pour oil into the bowl of the machine, set the “Fry” mode and cook the chopped fillets for 15 minutes.
  4. Only after this period of time, add other ingredients to the meat and salt it all, sprinkle with pepper and thyme.
  5. After another 10 minutes of cooking in a slow cooker, pour in the sour cream and set the "Stew" mode, in which the dish will go on for the next 25 minutes.

Sprinkle the delicacy with grated cheese and cook for another 7-10 minutes, then boldly serve.

How to cook turkey fillet baked with mushrooms in the oven

To deliciously cook a turkey with fresh or pickled mushrooms, cheese and any other ingredients besides a slow cooker, modern housewives and chefs often use the oven.

For example, to get an appetizing baked dish, you should purchase the following set of products:

  • 400 g of poultry meat.
  • 350 g of mushrooms.
  • 100 g of grated hard Russian (or whichever you prefer) cheese.
  • 20 ml of vegetable oil.
  • 50 g butter.
  • 10 g flour.
  • 100 ml of dry white wine.
  • 100 ml sour cream (15%).
  • 50 ml of clear (low-fat) meat broth.
  • 2 yolks.
  • 15 ml lemon juice.
  • Spices - salt and ground black pepper - according to your own preference.

In this case, the recipe for cooking baked turkey with mushrooms in sour cream includes several mandatory steps.

  1. First of all, cut the fillets into small 1cm slices and season thoroughly with salt and ground pepper.
  2. Then fry the slices in a skillet in vegetable oil on each side until golden brown.
  3. Now make the sauce: carefully pass the flour, and then add white wine, sour cream or cream to it, not forgetting to mix the resulting consistency with the meat broth at the end.
  4. So that the oven-baked turkey with mushrooms is not dry, boil the sauce in a water bath: note that at this time, stir the liquid thoroughly for 15 minutes.
  5. After that, add butter, yolks to sour cream and wine and squeeze out lemon juice.
  6. The final stage is baking the delicacy: place the poultry meat in a fireproof dish, pour the mushrooms chopped into plates on top, and then pour it all with the prepared sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese and send it to the preheated oven for 10 minutes.

It is worth noting that if turkey fillet with mushrooms is made in the oven under foil, then the cooking time increases to 15-20 minutes.

Watch the cheese carefully: as soon as a golden crust forms, the culinary masterpiece can be considered ready.

Turkey with mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes

It is also no secret that baked turkey dishes turn out to be juicy and tasty even if you do not use such exquisite ingredients as wine, cream or unusual spicy herbs.

That is why you can easily get by with those products that are present in the daily human diet:

  • 500 g breast.
  • 250 g of mushrooms.
  • 2 tomatoes.
  • 1 onion.
  • 200 g of cheese.
  • Spices - salt, a mixture of ground peppers - to taste.
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

The recipe for cooking turkey with mushrooms in the oven suggests that you must do the following:

  1. First, sauté the sliced ​​onion and the chopped mushrooms in oil.
  2. Moreover, be sure to salt these ingredients thoroughly.
  3. Then cut the breast into slices no more than 1 cm thick, season with spices and carefully place on a pre-oiled baking sheet.
  4. Put tomatoes cut into rings on top of the meat, then pour a layer of mushrooms, and from the very top, spread grated cheese.

Please note that turkey with mushrooms can also be baked with potatoes: in this case, it will be correct to put boiled potatoes cut into slices at the very bottom of the dish. Note: the cooking procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 ° C.

French turkey with fresh mushrooms

Another equally popular way of making such a delicacy is a recipe for roasting turkey in the oven with olives (5-8 pieces), mayonnaise (200-250 ml will be needed) and grated hard cheese (about 100 g).

This technology for cooking turkey with fresh champignons in French provides for the mandatory use, in addition to the listed, the following ingredients:

  • 600 g fillet.
  • 5 pieces of medium sized mushrooms.
  • 1 onion.
  • Condiments - salt, pepper, herbs (for example, basil) - according to your own preferences.
  • Sunflower oil - for greasing the baking sheet.

A step-by-step recipe looks like this:

  1. Start by greasing the selected baking dish with oil, and then put the diced meat in it, which must be salted and seasoned with the rest of the spices.
  2. Then gently chop the onion and sprinkle over the fillets.
  3. It should be noted that you need to know exactly how to cook a turkey with mushrooms in this case: we are talking about the fact that mushrooms are not chopped or chopped in this recipe, but rubbed on a coarse grater.
  4. Only then lay them on top of the meat, and after them add the olives cut into rings.
  5. To complete the cooking process, grease the future delicacy with mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese and put in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 ° C.

Those who wish can decorate the dish with sprigs of their favorite greens before serving on the festive table, but this is not necessary.

Turkey cutlets with mushrooms and rosemary

You can make amazing turkey cutlets with a little mushrooms - they are especially popular and are made from the following products:

  • 350 g fillet.
  • 2 pieces of large mushrooms.
  • 1 egg.
  • Breadcrumbs - as consumed.
  • 1 branch of rosemary.
  • 5 g of ground black pepper.
  • Two pinches of salt.
  • Vegetable oil - for frying.

To make a similar delicacy, follow these steps:

  1. Pour boiling water over the mushrooms, chop finely.
  2. Chop the meat into cubes, salt and place in a blender.
  3. To understand how to properly cook cutlets with mushrooms from turkey fillets, you need to maintain consistency. The point is that first add the mushrooms chopped into pieces to the cooked minced meat, then beat in an egg, and then season it all with finely chopped rosemary, salt and pepper.
  4. Only now take the resulting mass with your hands and form the cutlets themselves from it. Moreover, do not forget to roll them in breadcrumbs.
  5. Then feel free to send the product to the pan. Remember that the meat must be fried on both sides and not have a burnt crust.

Look carefully at the photos of dishes according to various recipes of turkey with mushrooms: in the pictures you can see both appetizing fillets and juicy cutlets.

Baked turkey fillet with potatoes and fresh or pickled mushrooms

Foodies should experiment with the following ingredients:

  • 800 g of meat.
  • 300 g of mushrooms.
  • 600 g potatoes.
  • 400 g onions.
  • 400 ml sour cream.
  • 200 g of cheese.
  • 5 ml vinegar.
  • 1 tbsp. water.
  • Salt and pepper according to your own preference.

And then you need to act in stages:

  1. Start by chopping the onion in half rings and be sure to marinate it in water diluted with vinegar for 20 minutes. This is a prerequisite for cooking an oven-baked turkey fillet with potatoes and mushrooms.
  2. In the next step, cut the meat, season with spices and place in a fireproof dish.
  3. After removing the onion from the marinade, place it on the fillet, and sprinkle with finely chopped fried mushrooms on top.
  4. Cut the potatoes, in turn, into slices and lay out in the next layer.
  5. After mixing sour cream with a pinch of salt, pour the dish with this consistency and send it to bake for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 200 ° C.
  6. By the way, do not forget to sprinkle the delicacy with grated cheese before serving.

In addition, the same recipe can be used to cook turkey with pickled rather than fresh mushrooms.

Turkey goulash with white wine and mushrooms

Turkey goulash with white wine and mushrooms is also very simple and quick to prepare.

The list of required products is as follows:

  • 1 kg of meat.
  • 300 ml of vegetable broth.
  • 400 g of mushrooms.
  • 3 onions.
  • 350 ml cream (22%).
  • 200 ml of white wine.
  • 20 g mustard.
  • 30 ml of sunflower oil.
  • Spices to taste - salt, pepper, paprika.

To get a delicious goulash, follow a series of sequential operations:

  1. Cut the onion into cubes, fry the sliced ​​meat with it in oil in a skillet.
  2. Be sure to add salt and pepper to the dish, and then add mustard to it.
  3. After that, pour in the broth, white wine and cream and simmer the delicacy for 20 minutes.

Please note that the mushrooms cut into slices are poured into the container a few minutes before the end of cooking.

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