Mushroom bruise: photo, description and its synonyms - blue gyropor, birch gyropor

Family: Piggy (Paxillaceae).

Synonyms: blue gyropore, birch gyropore.

Below there will be a description and a photo of the bruise mushroom, which will help determine it in natural conditions.

Description. The hat is 5-15 cm in diameter, convex at a young age, then flat, whitish or brownish-yellowish to brownish-grayish, fluffy-tomentose, turns blue when touched.

The pulp is thick, white, quickly turns blue on the cut, without any special taste or smell. The tubular layer is white, later straw-yellow or creamy-ocher, finely porous, instantly turns blue when touched. Leg 6-10 X 1.5-3 cm, tuberous, first dense, then loose, hollow (or with several large cavities), usually of the same color as the cap. Turns blue from the touch.

Mushroom bruise (see photo above) occurs throughout Russia in the temperate and southern forest zone (deciduous and mixed forests), forms mycorrhiza with oak, chestnut, pine and birch, prefers sandy soil. Fruiting from July to October.

Medicinal properties: A pigment substance called boletol (a derivative of purpurine-carboxylic acid) with antibiotic activity was found in the bruise.

Cooking Applications: Consumed fresh, suitable for drying and pickling.