Mushroom cap ringed and its photo

Category: edible.

Below is a description of the ringed cap mushroom with a photo of growth in its natural environment.

Hat (diameter 4-16 cm): ocher, straw and yellow-brown with fine wrinkles. In a young mushroom, it has the shape and size of a small chicken egg, straightens as the mushroom grows. The edges are folded down.

Leg (height 4-16 cm): usually yellow in color, often with scales and flakes. Strong, silky, cylindrical in shape with a thickening at the very base. Has a mushroom ring.

Pulp: usually white or yellowish, friable, with a pleasant odor.

Doubles: some fly agaric (Amanita). Remember that the plates of poisonous mushrooms are always white, regardless of age.

When it grows: from mid-July to the end of September, high above sea level in European countries and even in Greenland, most often in Ukraine, Belarus and the European part of Russia.

Where can you find a ringed cap: on acidic soils of mixed and coniferous moist forests, especially near spruce, birch and oak. The ringed cap mushroom can be found in areas where other mushrooms do not usually grow. For example, in thickets of blueberries or under dwarf birches in northern latitudes.

Eating: in almost any form. In terms of taste, the ringed cap is not inferior even to champignon.

Application in traditional medicine: does not apply.

Photos of the ringed cap mushroom in vivo are presented below:

Other names: hen, whitefish, rosites dull, Turk.