Time to collect autumn honey agarics in the forest

Autumn mushrooms or real mushrooms - lamellar mushrooms that have received the 3rd category of edibility. In this regard, honeydew requires a certain heat treatment, however, in terms of taste, it is not inferior to fruit bodies of categories 1 and 2. This type of mushroom is used in almost any form, for which it received recognition from many fans of "quiet hunting".

Time for gathering honey agarics in the autumn forest (with video)

Gathering of autumn mushrooms can take place in almost any forest area, the age of which starts from 30 years and older. From this it follows that this type of fruit bodies is widespread throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Honey mushrooms prefer to grow up in large families, so they are so easy to spot in the forest. Most often they can be found on rotten stumps, dead trunks, dead wood. In addition, autumn mushrooms often grow on forest clearings, roots and trunks of living trees.

Deciduous forests are the favorite growing area for all types of honey agaric. They can often be seen on birch, aspen and alder. As for coniferous forests, autumn species are less common here. To visually see how the collection of autumn mushrooms is taking place, we suggest watching the video:

A real abundance of autumn honey agaric is found on boggy birch forests, alder forests, where there are many old fallen trees and stumps. Here, from one small area, you can collect more than one basket of fruit bodies. However, do not forget that real edible mushrooms have false counterparts, the use of which can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, before going into the forest for a mushroom harvest, be sure to arm yourself with the knowledge that allows you to correctly distinguish edible honey from a false one.

The time for collecting autumn mushrooms depends on weather conditions, as well as on the climatic characteristics of a particular territory. It is logical to conclude that the autumn mushrooms should be collected in the fall. However, the time of the first appearance of this type of fruit bodies can be observed already in mid-August. But traditionally, the main time for harvesting autumn mushrooms is in September-October. On average, the period of abundant growth of these mushrooms lasts about two weeks and mainly covers the first half of September. Intensive growth of autumn honey agaric is also observed after the settling of fogs in September-October.

The honey agaric grows quite quickly - in 2-3 days after heavy rains you can go for the next "rich" harvest. The most favorable weather conditions for the growth of these fruit bodies are considered to be moderate humidity and the established average air temperature - + 10 ° C. Sometimes autumn mushrooms can be harvested even in November and December, if weather conditions allow it. It must be said that the time for gathering honey mushrooms occurs all year round, because in addition to autumn species, there are also winter, spring and summer mushrooms.

We recommend that you watch another video of mushroom picking in the autumn forest, thanks to which you can clearly see how and where autumn mushrooms grow:

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