Mushrooms: photo, description, where they grow and useful properties

Camelina mushrooms belonging to the genus Mleichnikov got their name from the characteristic color of the cap.

These fruiting bodies are considered one of the most useful, as they contain the mineral salts Fe, Na, Ca and Mg. These substances have a direct effect on the functioning of most systems in the human body and are extremely important for the condition of the skin and hair.

Ryzhiks grow where there are a lot of acidic and calcareous soils, most often under small fir trees in clearings in front of the forest. The most valuable species is considered to be a delicacy camelina mushroom.

You can find his photo description on this page.

What does a mushroom gingerbread look like?

Habitats of gourmet mushrooms (Lactarius deliciosus): young spruce forests, on calcareous and acidic soils, grow in groups.

Season: July - October.

The cap has a diameter of 2-8 cm, sometimes up to 10 cm, at first it is convex-notched, later almost flat with a small depression in the middle. The cap of the mushroom mushroom deserves a special description: it is red or orange-red, with significant spots or zones of greenish and blue-green color. The edges of the cap are initially bent downwards; concentric circles are faintly visible on the surface.

The leg is short, 3-6 cm high, 0.7-2 cm thick, flat, hollow, strongly brittle, cylindrical, of the same color as the cap. The leg in the area where the plates are attached has a lighter area.

The pulp is orange or yellowish, friable, if damaged, and later greenish. The flesh of the leg is whitish. The second distinctive feature of the species is the bright, milky juice of carrot-red color with a fruity odor.

The plates are adherent to the pedicle, dense, notched or slightly descending, narrow, sometimes branched. The color of the plates is orange-yellow, with greenish and blue-green spots. When pressed, the plates turn green. Spore powder, light ocher.

Similarity with other species. The spruce-shaped camelina mushroom looks the same as the delicious pine-shaped camelina, but it has darker tones of the cap, there are areas of a bluish-greenish color, and the flesh is loose.

Edible, 2nd category.

Cooking methods. Mushrooms have good taste, they have been harvested in Russia for a long time, they can be pickled, salted, fried.

Properties of gourmet mushrooms

Gourmet mushrooms have many useful properties:

  • They are the record holders among mushrooms for vitamin A.
  • The valuable antibiotic laclariovialin, which inhibits the development of many harmful bacteria, including the causative agent of tuberculosis, has been isolated from camelina.
  • It has an antitumor effect.
  • It has a therapeutic effect in diseases caused by metabolic disorders, including spotting of the skin (vitiligo).
  • Recommended for use in case of pulmonary diseases.
  • Contains an antirheumatic substance similar in effect to cortisone.
  • Due to its beneficial properties, the use of saffron milk caps can improve the general condition of the body.
  • On the basis of saffron milk caps, the valuable antibiotic lakhtarovislin is made.