Recipes for cooking autumn mushrooms: photos, descriptions of how to cook delicious dishes from mushrooms

Autumn mushrooms are a very valuable, tasty and nutritious product. Many mushroom pickers know this very well, since they have to harvest a large mushroom harvest for the winter. Therefore, preparing autumn mushrooms as snacks takes them a lot of time. However, all efforts are lost against the background of the final result: open a jar of canned mushrooms in winter and put it on a festive or everyday table to give pleasure to family and friends.

There are quite a few recipes for preparing autumn mushrooms. The processes of pickling, salting and frying are considered the most common and accessible at home. In addition, hodgepodge and caviar are made from honey agaric. All options are tasty and aromatic if you follow simple guidelines. And during a festive event, when a delicious mushroom snack appears on the table, you will not regret wasting time.

Note that you can choose one of two options for pickling: either cook the mushrooms cold or hot. Recall that the cold method involves boiling the fruit bodies separately without marinade. Hot pickling - boiling honey mushrooms directly in the marinade with the addition of spices and herbs.

How to cook autumn mushrooms: a recipe for making pickled mushrooms

The recipe for making pickled autumn mushrooms in a cold way only at first glance seems complicated, especially if a novice housewife has to do the preparation. The main point of the process is to prevent the multiplication of microorganisms in the finished product using heat treatment and acetic acid.

The marinade, which in this case is prepared separately and only then poured into the mushrooms, turns out transparent and light. However, the aroma is not as expressive as with hot pickling.

  • Honey mushrooms - 3 kg;
  • Water - 1 L;
  • Sugar - 2.5 tbsp l .;
  • Salt - 2 tbsp. l. without top;
  • Vinegar 9% - 50 ml;
  • Garlic - 8 cloves;
  • Bay leaves - 5-8 pcs.;
  • Black peppercorns - 10 pcs.

How to cook deliciously pickled autumn mushrooms, step-by-step instructions will show.

  1. Peel honey mushrooms, wash and boil for 20 minutes, removing the foam from the surface.
  2. Place on a sieve and drain completely.
  3. Prepare the marinade: bring the water to a boil, add salt, sugar to dissolve the crystals.
  4. Chop the cloves of garlic and send to the marinade, add peppercorns, bay leaf and let it boil for 3 minutes.
  5. Pour in vinegar and let it boil for 5 minutes.
  6. Put the boiled mushrooms in sterilized jars and pour hot marinade.
  7. Close with plastic lids, warm with an old down jacket or blanket and let cool.
  8. Can be taken to the basement or left in the refrigerator.

Hot pickling of autumn mushrooms

With this method of preparing autumn mushrooms, the marinade has a more specific aroma. The fill itself turns out to be a little stringy and unclear. However, this only gives the mushrooms their zest.

Only by observing the recipe and not changing the proportions of vinegar and salt in the marinade, you can prepare an excellent snack for the winter.

  • Honey mushrooms - 2 kg;
  • Black and allspice pepper - 5 peas each;
  • Water - 1 L;
  • Bay leaf - 3 pcs.;
  • Vinegar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Salt - 1 tbsp l .;
  • Sugar - 1.5 tbsp. l .;
  • Carnation - 3 buds.

To know how to properly prepare autumn mushrooms for pickling, we offer a step-by-step recipe.

  1. We clean the mushrooms, cut off most of the legs and boil for 20-25 minutes.
  2. We take out with a slotted spoon in another saucepan and pour 1 liter of water.
  3. Let it boil, add salt and sugar, mix.
  4. We introduce all the other spices, including vinegar, and boil the mushrooms in the marinade for 20 minutes.
  5. We distribute in sterilized jars along with the filling and close with plastic lids.
  6. Let it cool, put it in the refrigerator or take it to the basement.

The recipe for cooking salted autumn mushrooms in a hot way

There are two options for salting mushrooms - cold and hot. Both are popular, but the hotter is considered more preferred. The recipe for cooking salted autumn mushrooms in a hot way is used to accelerate the salting of a mushroom harvest. Already after 8-10 days, such a snack from the "gifts of the forest" can be put on the table.

  • Honey mushrooms - 4 kg;
  • Salt - 250 g;
  • Currant, oak and cherry leaves;
  • Bay leaf - 10 pcs.;
  • Garlic - 10 cloves;
  • Black and white pepper - 10 peas each.

We offer a description of the step-by-step preparation of autumn mushrooms and photos:

Mushrooms are boiled in salted water until they begin to settle to the bottom (about 20-30 minutes).

Transfer to a colander to drain, and then spread on a kitchen towel to dry.

Put clean oak, currant and cherry leaves on the bottom of an enameled or wooden container, sprinkle with a thin layer of salt.

Put a layer of honey agaric on the salt, sprinkle with peppercorns, thin slices of garlic, salt and bay leaves. Layer all the mushrooms and spices, sprinkle each layer of fruit bodies with salt. Cover with a large plate, cover with a clean cloth and put the load. After 2-3 days the mushrooms will be in the brine. If there is not enough liquid, cold boiled water should be added to the mushrooms.

After 10-15 days, honey mushrooms can be put in jars and closed with lids.

How to properly prepare autumn mushrooms for frying for the winter

There are many recipes for cooking fried autumn mushrooms. Some options for blanks are made for the winter, others can be eaten right away. This version of fried honey mushrooms is universal, and can be used as an independent dish, snack, side dish and preparation for the winter.

An excellent addition to fried mushrooms is considered to be onions, which will enrich the dish with an amazing aroma. However, in order to make a tasty and healthy preparation for the winter, you need to know how to properly prepare autumn mushrooms for frying.

  • Honey mushrooms - 2 kg;
  • Onions - 700 g;
  • Salt to taste;
  • Vegetable oil - 100 ml.
  1. Honey mushrooms must undergo preliminary cleaning: cut off the lower part of the leg, remove all forest debris from the hats, rinse and only then put to boil.
  2. Boil honey mushrooms in salted water for 20-25 minutes and discard in a colander.
  3. Preheat a frying pan, pour oil and put honey mushrooms.
  4. Fry for 20 minutes until golden brown.
  5. Peel the onion, cut into half rings and add to mushrooms, mix.
  6. Fry over low heat for 15 minutes, salt to taste.
  7. Put in sterilized glass jars and close with tight lids.
  8. Cooked mushrooms can be started to eat even hot, or after cooling down, put in the refrigerator.

How to cook fried autumn mushrooms: a recipe for cooking mushrooms

This recipe is not suitable for preparation for the winter, but it is a pleasure to eat it hot! The addition of sour cream makes the mushroom dish fragrant, tender, with a rich creamy taste. How to cook forest autumn mushrooms to surprise your loved ones?

  • Honey mushrooms - 1 kg;
  • Onions - 3 pcs.;
  • Refined oil - 70 ml;
  • Sour cream - 10 ml;
  • Ground black pepper - 1 tsp;
  • Salt to taste.

According to the step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to cook fried autumn mushrooms with sour cream.

  1. The peeled mushrooms are boiled in water for 20 minutes and allowed to drain on a sieve.
  2. Spread in a preheated pan with oil and fry for 15-20 minutes over medium heat.
  3. Cut the onion into thin slices, add to the mushrooms, mix and continue to fry for 15 minutes over low heat.
  4. Salt to taste, add pepper, stir and pour in sour cream.
  5. Mix thoroughly, cover and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes, stirring constantly so as not to burn.
  6. Garnish with chopped herbs when serving (optional).

How to cook a hodgepodge of autumn forest mushrooms

The autumn mushroom mushroom is suitable for making hodgepodge. This type is especially suitable for this dish because of its taste.Moreover, such a delicious mushroom hodgepodge will adorn any dinner for the whole family.

  • Honey mushrooms - 700 g;
  • Cabbage - 500 g;
  • Onions - 2 pcs.;
  • Carrots - 1 pc.;
  • Salt - 2 tsp;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Saffron - a pinch (for an amateur).

How to cook an autumn mushroom mushroom for such a delicious dish like hodgepodge?

  1. The mushrooms are cleaned and boiled for 20 minutes, thrown into a colander for draining.
  2. The top leaves are removed from the cabbage and finely chopped.
  3. Spread in a saucepan, pour in 1 liter of water and vegetable oil, salt and mix.
  4. Put on fire and extinguish for 5-8 minutes, then remove from the stove.
  5. Grate the peeled carrots on a coarse grater and cut the onion into cubes. They are sent to a frying pan and fried in vegetable oil for 10 minutes.
  6. Add to cabbage, mix well and let it brew.
  7. Mushrooms are fried in a small amount of oil for 10-15 minutes.
  8. Pour to the cabbage, turn on the minimum heat, cover and stew for 20 minutes.
  9. The hodgepodge is allowed to stand for 10 minutes, poured into portioned plates and served on the table.

How to cook caviar from fresh autumn mushrooms

There is another option for how to cook fresh autumn mushrooms - this is caviar. Since mushrooms are not inferior in calorie content to meat, caviar prepared according to this recipe will appeal to both vegetarians and fasting people, and even gourmets.

  • Honey mushrooms - 2 kg;
  • Onions - 500 g;
  • Carrots - 500 g;
  • Vegetable oil - 200 ml;
  • Salt and black pepper to taste.

How to properly cook caviar from autumn honey agarics, step-by-step instructions will show.

  1. Honey mushrooms boiled in salted water are thrown onto a sieve and left to drain.
  2. Carrots and onions are peeled, washed and chopped in any way.
  3. Fried in vegetable oil until tender and twisted in a meat grinder.
  4. Mushrooms are fried until golden brown, chopped with a meat grinder and combined with vegetables.
  5. Stir, salt, pepper and fry together for another 10 minutes.

When serving, the dish can be sprinkled with chopped herbs. If you want to close the caviar for the winter, then when stewing in the last minutes, add 2 tbsp. l. vinegar. Distribute in jars, close tight lids, let cool and refrigerate.

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